About Me

Hi! I’m paula

web designer & web developer

professional web designer & web dev


I started studying IT in my school – since 2004.
This is  the year I created my first website with the help of pure HTML & CSS + little JavaScript.
It was like magic to me back then .
I didn’t even had my own computer, I was fascinated by the power of the code and how I can  create such moving and beautiful designs that were actually talking to people.
In 2005 I won my first web design competition , the international “Poverty in the world”.  Next year I was leading my own team of web designers and together we won another international competition about the National treasures.
With both wins and much working & studying from the net & different teachers, I reached a point when I couldn’t live without creating websites.
It was my favorite hobby and still is.
Then the University came & everybody was  telling me that creating websites isn’t worth the time & the money. I believed them & started studying something completely different, just in case .


Even though I didn’t studied formally , I went to a couple of web design academies through the years- Telerik Academy, BUL IT Factory , even scored for one of the IT Talents’ seasons. I went to some additional courses, too – at  Solo Learn, MIT, Oxford & Yale, New Bulgarian University, courses from the National Security Department in my country and many others (most of them completely free, by the way).
I’ve worked for Kupisait.eu, Andrews, Баня Стил and many other companies as a freelancer.